Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Day of a Bird Dog

We have spent a few days at the Huttner compound – that is Izzi and I. For all that haven’t been introduced, Izzi is the furrier, sixth member of the family. An English springer spaniel that hasn’t realized for generations she was bred to be a bird dog and only a bird dog. Izzi on the other hand thinks chipmunks are the best. Only I think she is a little confused and mixes up mice and chipmunks and thinks they’re all the same.

While I slave away on the fence, weed whipping and brush clearing, Izzi occupies her time searching for rodents. At least I don’t have to worry about her running off, and I occasionally look in the direction of my wood piles or brush piles and there’s the highly qualified guard dog circling her prey, completely oblivious to my existence. Only I haven’t seen any chipmunks on the Huttner compound and think she is getting all worked up over a field mouse and I have seen plenty of these.
Every so often Izzi will reappear in search of water or food – it obviously takes a great deal of energy to stay that alert for extended periods of time. That useless bird dog spent all day at the wood pile and when we returned to pick up Karie at school, her nose was scratched up and a little bloody from the day’s battles and I don’t think we saw her until we got home. She was apparently exhausted from chasing the elusive wild chipmunk.

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