Thursday, October 1, 2009


This isn’t a tale of swords and chivalry. This is a story of a more primitive nature, but has just as much testosterone oozing between the lines. It is really a story of primal satisfaction for me. I have started to run a perimeter fence for the future residents of Vista del Campo.

My dad and I worked all of one day clearing brush and stringing lines, to guide us. Digging is slow because we are using, what is now a primitive clamshell type post hole digger. I knew this would be a tough, sweaty job. And I didn’t want to overwork the free labor, so I put myself right at the end of this tool. Sort of like the blind leading the blind today.

After two hard, but satisfying days of this, I had to rethink what I was going to do here. This was going to take a good deal longer to finish what I had started, with digging by hand.

The first eight inches or so are soft and fertile soil, but slowly it begins to lighten and become more clayish with limestone mixed in. Nothing you could throw on a potter’s wheel and create a masterpiece; just a moist, stiff soil that sends all the energy back into your shoulders when you forcefully drive the posthole digger down. At this rate I will be able to work only every third day or so when I can finally lift my arms again.

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