Monday, December 28, 2009


I have been spinning like a little spider. No real purpose or goal, just spinning for practice. I initially figured I can spin it and Karie can weave with it, but so far the yarn I am producing is a little fat for most practical weaving projects. She insists that she will still be able to use it – I figure it will make some of the most bulky woven items ever, maybe some of the warmest though.

I’m starting with the bamboo. This has taking a little getting used to. The fibers are much more slippery and are shorter than the wool that I have worked with so far and I am having trouble controlling it. I fell back into what has become my comfort draft – from the fold – and have establish more control over the fiber.

After ‘mastering’ the fiber (I am sure I will look back at this statement and laugh) I had the bright idea of recording what I was doing, so propped the camera on the fiber box and recorded 5 minutes of successful spinning. Now I need to learn how to post it to blogger and FaceBook.

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