Friday, December 18, 2009

Early Christmas

I got an early Christmas present from Karie…a box of fiber.

I finished up spinning the Colonial Roving that we bought from the local yarn store, and was talking about heading out there again to get another fix, when Karie said “before you go out there, you better open your Christmas present.” This probably doesn’t sound very exciting to most, but I was totally thrilled and very happy. Opening the box, I was greeted with a wide array of natural animal and plant fibers just begging to be spun and made into something. It was sort of like…well…Christmas!

As I peeled the bags of clean, prepared fiber, I saw Corriedale (sheep) top, Merino (sheep) top, Merino dyed top, some more merino dyed top, Alpaca top (a couple of colors), Alpaca w/tussah, Bamboo (oh this is soft), Silk hankies (what do I do with these?) and some sort of wool from New Zealand.

For those of you asking what ‘top’ is. All of the fiber has been ‘pulled’ in the same direction to for a continuous rope of loosely bound fiber. This commercial prepared top is then wound around itself to form a ball.

I have enough fiber to last me months. Where do I begin? Does this mean I have to buy Karie a present too?

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