Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Mark, an aspiring fiber artist with a short fuse and a sissy throwing arm
Ball of Yarn, a magnificent ball of handspun alpaca and tussah

Setting: The scene takes place in the living room of the Huttner residence. The warping board is casually leaning against a colorful chair, placed near the front entrance.

                                                              Scene 1
It is afternoon and Mark is whistling as he works on the scarf project. Ball of yarn enters from stage right.

               (Kneels before the warping board paying homage to the gods, while whistling.)
I am so glad I have this blessed day to work on this gift of scarf.
              (Melodious sounds of music exit the artist mouth.)

              (Ball of yarn with obvious attitude.)
Why do I have to be here? I want to be back on the farm.
              (Yarn begins to tangle enthusiastically.)

              (Surprised to see the tangled yarn.)
What the 'bleep', why the 'bleep' is this happening to me. I hate my 'bleeping' life.
(Angrily the yarn is thrown across the room and stops whistling.)

              (Cowards in a ball, ready for impact.)

                                                            The End

I have had some frustrating fiber time lately. The alpaca/tussah that I finished spinning, not so long ago, has the destination of becoming a scarf. Only the beginning has already ended and I need to re-start where I left off. I got a little frustrated and flung the ball of yarn across the room.

I started to wind the singles onto the warping board. The singles became tangled immediately. I attempted to untangle and in the process it became even more tangled. I split the yarn in two and flung the ball across the room.

They are actually pretty strong for singles.

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