Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010, 20?? Christmas Catalog

• It is my daily source of the Annual Christmas Catalog.
• Like the Christmas Catalog, I never get anything from it, I just dream.
• Unlike the Christmas Catalog - the pages are not the same - each day they become different.

What am I?

I recently was involved in this activity and thinking about the memorable JC Penny Christmas Catalog; approximately 1 inch of constant entertainment. Rockets, Science Kits and fossil exploration.

I don’t really remember getting anything from the catalog – as a purchase or a gift – but I do remember spending hours upon hours of paging through it and dreaming.

As I turned the pages – from memory I could describe what was about to be revealed. There were no new surprises, but still I would search for that perfect gift that would make me the happiest child alive.

The disappointment was present, but was short-lived and passed.

Now as an adult, I find myself doing almost the same thing. Only it isn’t the Christmas Catalog of the past. But I still find myself browsing through it like a little kid.

For those that haven’t already figured it out…one more clue. This is so current that it is updated multiple times in a single day.

Isn’t Craigslist great?

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