Monday, March 1, 2010

Buying Local. Hmm.

I really prefer to buy local if I can, I really do. But why is it recently that when I do buy 'local' I get garbage. Maybe not garbage...but not of the same quality that I have seen from mail-order. This really can't be the norm, can it? And if it is...what to do.

As Karie and I get more and more interested in spinning and making yarn, I like to get more information about fiber closer to the origin - like on the animal and the process that gets it to market.

Because of my growing interest in what might become a future business for us, I am also more interested in the local vendors and how they operate and what they sell. I have become disappointed though.

All - yes, all - of the wool roving is greasy and sticky. And it's not like I paid less for a greasy, less processed wool, I paid the same or more than commercially prepared top, which is so nice to work with. I also don't want to buy something and after getting it out to the car, see a previous - covered price - that is 30% less, and they have only been in business for a year. That's some high inflation there.

I don't like being guilt-ed into buying something. Maybe I'm just to much of a softy, if I like the person I sort of feel the need to 'help' and buy something. The people can be great, but I don't want to buy only because I like you.

I want to be happy after the purchase. I want to feel good, like I 'got a deal.' But I also want to leave knowing you are happy too, because you feel that you got a good deal also.

I need to learn from this and apply it to myself when I begin to wash fleece and sell it as a quote professionally end-quote prepared item. A personal pledge of sorts.

So I will sock this information away for future use and may need to be reminded of it by you (my friends) to re-read some of my own wise words and apply it as a free marketing tool.

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