Saturday, March 20, 2010


It is so nice to be home after a week in Oshkosh working. Had to go where the work was and that was where it was.

Worked some long hours to get the project done and arrived home pretty tired. I can't complain about the people I was working for, they treated me great.

Before I left home, while I was away, and before I got back home, I was treated to a very small, first taste of farming life.


If you have been following my journey you know about my some of my plans for seeding some pastures. My plan was to frost seed up to five acres with more grass variety and a larger variety of cool season and warm season maturity.

The weather refused to cooperate and we went from 0-60 (so to speak) with a foot of snow-to no snow-to warm sunny weather. What happened to the freeze thaw cycle?

The capital cost of frost seeding is limited - equipment and/or labor to broadcast seed. But the success of frost seeding is more of an random art and not all science. Mother nature has total control of what happens and all I can do is work with what she gives me and cross the fingers.

So anyways, back at the ranch...

While working in Oshkosh I was getting weather reports of snow on Saturday and Sunday. Then I got the bright idea of hand seeding late Friday if I finished my project early. So at 6:00 p.m. I was out on the compound hand-cranking seed into the Northerly wind and dropping temperature.

As I finished up throwing the equipment into the back of the truck, I felt like my first exposure to farming might have been an exercise in futility.

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