Friday, April 23, 2010

Teaching Kindergarteners

Last week I had the opportunity to do a spinning demonstration with the Kindergartners at Glacier Edge. They have been learning about farms, sheep and wool. So I brought the spinning wheel, some wool, and some alpaca.

The demo started with passing the two fibers around and letting them touch and squeeze each of them. To further show how fiber can differ, I brought some coarse New Zealand wool, which had been dyed. Then I had to clarify that – no, sheep are not purple.

I spun a little and showed them how this spinning strengthens the fiber. I then showed them how to ply the yarn and again demonstrated how this makes it stronger still.

With the Spanish speaking students I got to learn/reinforce the word for color or dye, which is tinto. So I was able to learn something that day too. They were so good and had such great questions for me.

The Kindergarten teachers are great there and the kids had such a great knowledge of what I was making, and what it could be used for. It made my job so easy.

The last time I did a demo for the third graders, I cut a small section of plied yarn for all of the students and they just loved it. Go figure.

So I did the same this time. Some of them made bracelets and a couple of them just un-twisted it and left it lying around. All of them were so polite though and were really fun to spin for.

I hope I can make this a yearly tradition.

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