Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spinning Wheels

What goes up must come down (cowbell enters)
Spinning wheel got to go 'round (full drum kit enters)
Talking 'bout your troubles it's a crying sin
Ride a painted pony let the Spinning wheel spin

(Blood, Sweat and Tears)

They were right on back in '69' man. Let me talk 'bout my troubles, or are they.

We’re still at a standstill on moving, selling the house…most everything that implies – future, or a step forward. But maybe I just can’t see over the self-pity. Whaa-whaa.

Yet, another summer is fast approaching and we are still in Williams Bay…I am so done with this silly little village. Not quite country and not quite city. Hilary said it takes one of us to raise a child. But I think the children around here are a little too closely related (if you know what I mean.)

Weather has been cool and rainy this past week and I haven’t been out for enough stress reducing runs and wouldn’t even think about riding in this wetness. Big sissy!

I am down – again – to only one computer. My desk top needs a new hard drive, I can hear it bumping in there, but it won’t spin up. And the lap top I am using – must be that time of month for her, she’s really moody. I just cross my fingers every time I press that little power button and wait to see what side of the bed she gets out of.

And to top it off, I haven’t been spinning enough either.

I am working on some alpaca that Karie and I purchased while on a farm tour recently. They called it a “cloud” which roughly translated from Native American to English as-Mess.

Cloud is sort of appropriate though. It has been drum carded, but it isn’t a batt. It is just a wad of fiber packed into a Ziploc bag and sold. (See Movie Below)

I have become spoiled with commercially prepared top and enjoy spinning that from the fold. This is most likely a preparation that we could easily do ourselves (if we had a drum carder) but we did sort of learn to use combs at the Alpaca Show a few weeks ago, but need to practice removing from the combs through a diz.

On the same general topic but changing disciplines, Karie has – again – been selected to go to a Discovery Educator thingy. Sorry to all of you educated people that know it really isn’t called that – but I don’t know what it really is called – and it is in Boston, MA this year.

She has been trying to convince me to drive out, or fly out and meet here for a little vacation. I’m not a big history buff and couldn’t convince myself that the cost would equal or exceed the pleasure. Without heading North to Maine and be eaten by black flies or South to eaten by mosquitoes, I didn’t really know what to do.

I think that I have a plan, and a rather good one at that. I will drive out with Karie and we will make a mini vacation on the trip east. I will then slow down and drop her off in or at least near Boston. I will then immediately head back North to Vermont and take a weaving class at an Art School about 2.5 hours from Boston.

After Karie and I are finished with our separate vacations, we will meet again and vacation together on the trip home.

The price for the 5 day class is very reasonable and I think I have some cheaper hotel choices located.

There aren’t cockroaches in Vermont are there?

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