Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One Step Back...again

I am getting frustrated with the learning curve I am, well frankly, running into quite often lately.

I am in the process of moving forward with a few ideas and since it is completely out of my field, I am getting really confused and frustrated. I am attempting to start a website, and that alone is a task in it's self.

I thought picking out a web host would be relatively easy, but with all of the different plans and offerings, even that was a chore.

So I committed and signed up for a plan that offers a thirty day money back. Now, with that 30 days of "money back" I have still a couple of weeks...14 or so days...336 hours...or some 20,000 minutes to torture myself even more. Why me lord?

I am, my own worst enemy!

So now I am second guessing my choice and researching some other options...stay on task Mark and just call them.

"We are experiencing an abnormally larger call volume and your wait may be longer than usual."

Bite me!

I'll go to the online chat...that way they won't hear the tension in my - high pitched - I want choke you voice.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Well, they are all completely American, but I might as well be talking with India. (that was not politically incorrect, I am merely stating.) I - do - not - understand- what - you - are - saying! It all seems so easy to these brainiacs.

I bet you can't build a cabinet with a hand rubbed tung oil and poly finish...or spin alpaca/tussah top into a 3 ply semi-worsted yarn.

How does it feel now?

My little chat buddy did inform me (numerous times) that I could contact any web developer with these questions.

I'm a cheap sucker trying to reduce my cost here. Why do you think I am talking with you? What ever!

tap tap, is this thing on?

So if anyone does actually read this, I simply ask...


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