Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sleepless in The Bay

I can't sleep...

I have all these thoughts coursing through my head and can't seem to relax enough to sleep. I am starting to wonder if someone slipped me a Ritalin. The good part is, I then have the opportunity to visit online with my daughter in North Carolina. She is always up late too.

If I can manage to stay busy for a couple more hours, I won't need to go to bed, I can just get dressed again and wander the day like a zombie.

The exciting part of today was. I got an email from a friend in Black River Falls, WI and she is thinking of heading down this direction, for the Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson this September. (hhhaaa, big breath) It would be so fun to take another class with her and share all of the crazy ideas I come up with late, late, at night and can only tell a few select friends.

The last time I simply mentioned the word "spinning" in public, a friend of mine instantly picked up on it and repeated "spinning?" But in a more condescending and derogatory manor.

I am making some gains on the website, but have stalled at the storefront and need some guidance. I am learning all sorts of html codes and other - normally - useless knowledge.

Well...I will attempt to sleep for the next couple of hours and continue my ramblings on another day/night.

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