Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do We Get To See Obama On Vacation?

Chapter 1:

"Welcome Obama Family"

I made it through a day without running over, or into any living creatures. Karie and I have now visited Arcadia National Park and Bar Harbor. Again, I was there in a previous life, but not all that much looked familiar. I was almost like a new trip for me.

The one thing I do remember is the fog. This must sort of be a foggy area in general. You drive up out of it when going to the top of the park - I'm talking about 1200-1300 feet here only. Over the beach area, the fog just hung there the whole time we were there. This was still worth doing.

Trying to get into or out of Bar Harbor area was a little bit of a pain...the prez was there. Figures, we drive 1400 miles to have barricades and limited access. Obama's people really need to talk with my people. That's all I'm saying.

The Title was just what you call a 'Teaser." Like the losers on Survivor...I have nothing for you, so go back to camp.

Chapter 2:

"You get what you pay for!"

My tour guide...'fake cough"-Karie, may have to be fired after this trip. I think she is trying to kill me, by slow death in the car. My navigator has me driving on every back road Maine has to offer. Nothing looks very big on the map we have. They conveniently packed all of Maine onto a letter size page of the useless atlas we have, skipping most of the important details - like scale and distance. I guess on a map of this quality, you don't want to put much more than absolutely necessary, the dots of the cities might block the 2.5 font on the remainder of the map. Then you might be completely confused and get lost...

Karie heard about this "Cool" gallery/school out on Deer Isle. We spent the better half of a day getting there and back out. If you look at a map of Maine - one big enough to actually read the font - you will see that the coast is riddled with appendages that reach out into the Atlantic. Nothing is straight. Nothing is fast. Start-stop; up-down; left-right, no your other right; and all sorts of road construction.

Oh, did I mention that there was nothing going on at the School. Only a few random people loitering around, pretending they were crafty artist, but I wasn't fooled.

Chapter 3:

"Small Things"

Sometimes, it's the small things on trips that get me excited. Like the salt guy in Yarmouth, at the Clam Festival.

Last year,-while in San Francisco-we found some smoked sea salt at a farmer's market. I use this on Salmon and we both just love it. Well...we are getting really low. As we were walking through the craft section, there was a stand selling this. The Maine Sea Salt Company.

This got me so excited. Anyways, we sampled most of the different flavors and settled on the 'standby' hickory smoked. In San Francisco, I never talked with the seller, and don't even know if it was the producer that was selling it. Here...feel the build-up - the seller was the manufacturer. So we talk for like, ten minutes about how they do it, found out it was a family started business, and found out what he did in his previous life. So, needless to say, I walked away with a smile.

I just said, "it's the small things."

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