Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Great Dumb Down

I am taking a small break from the usual this week while attempting to relieve some of my travel tension., while pondering the question...are we dumbing down society?

How many signs do you need to keep people safe on the roads?

Most signs go un-noticed, or at the very least ignored for the better part of my observations. We have signs all over the sides of the road to help people make the right decisions, because most of them are incapable of making this complex judgment while moving at a fast pace. Others are unable to make these choices at a rather slow pace most of the time.

Maybe a general sign for speed, to sort of curb the really enthusiastic drivers, this would probably be a useful sign; although this doesn’t appear to work in Chicago and other major cities.

Maybe a sign for merging traffic, warning them to yield before merging; not that most drivers yield to reading the sign, much less doing as instructed. Most people just barrel out into traffic anyway, assuming it is their god given right to be in that lane that you are traveling at nearly 70 mph in and rapidly approaching their meager 30 mph as they fail to use the ‘merging lane' correctly.

I can even see a constructive use of other signs for general warning and controlling. But have we gone too far?

Now granted, I have just returned from traveling all over the north eastern part of this beautiful country and am just a wincey bit tired of driving and…well people, but the signs are out of control. Are we - as Americans – just dumbing down society with all of our compensations and protections?

I completely understand that these overcompensations do occasionally benefit me and the ones I love, by warning the stupid to not do anything…well, overly stupid. But do we need to post signs every 200 feet warning and cautioning drivers-that I personally don’t believe are capable of reading and understanding this assemblage of letters anymore than my beloved dog. No offense Izzi.

Brake for Moose!

Is not the idea of braking for a moose sort of a common sense plan? After all, who in their right mind wouldn’t brake for a moose, have you seen these things. Or even scarier, accelerate at a moose…

Bridge May Be Icy!

OK, people travel all over this country and not all of them have ice or freezing temperatures. But what a great learning opportunity we just provided them, the first time they accelerate hard while changing lanes and passing a semi on a bridge in the hilly country of Pennsylvania.

Do we need to warn people at every bridge that they approach to be cautious, because the bridge could be icy? Wasn’t the very tiny patch of windshield they scraped an indicator that maybe, just maybe…Signage - $200.00 Education - PRICELE$$.

And then you have the complete opposite happening out there with overly cautious people. The sign did say yield, I saw it too. This does not mean stop, and wait for the coast to be clear before proceeding, and then, and only then, accelerated hard to get up to road speed before some other crazy Mass Hole (that’s what they call them in Boston) runs you down.

What are the driver’s Ed instructors doing while in the passenger seat for hours on end?

I would probably be clenching my teeth in fear that these morons will eventually be getting their driver’s license, and sooner rather than later.

It is no wonder that so many people say a little pray before they get into their cars.

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