Thursday, July 15, 2010

Head East

Karie and I are sitting in Bangor Maine at this very moment. We disembarked on Wednesday, July 14, and set sail for the east coast, with the Sonata on her maiden voyage.

We have never been through Ontario, so thought this would be the perfect opportunity while heading toward Niagara Falls. Sad to say, it was nothing special, until we reached Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

I have seen the falls from the USA side and - granted, I was only 18 at the time - never thought it was all that spectacular. The Canadian side was awesome.

The main portion of the falls is only visible on the Canadian side. There is a large horseshoe - shaped section, that I didn't even know existed until yesterday. Viewing from this vantage point, I understand why it was so un-memerable.

All we get to see from our side is the smaller cousin to the real Niagara Falls. This was definitely worth stopping for. Parking was a little brutal at $20.oo, but if we look at it as a $10.oo parking fee, with $5.00 per person's seems a little easier to swallow.

After visiting the Falls, Karie and I drove east, another few hours and settled in for the night in Syracuse New York.

Thursday morning we headed out pretty early, again, and headed east some more through upper New York state. The highlight for today was driving through the roller coaster hills of the Adirondack's beauty. This was cool.

The remainder of the day was up and down the mountainous region of Vermont, New Hampshire and some of Maine, but nothing compared with the Adirondack Mountains.

Now odds would indicate that the more you drive, the more your chances of hitting something are. But I have drove many years and have hit very little. The last two months or so, every living creature has plunged themselves into my lane of traffic. Shortly into the drive today, I managed to bounce a Quail off the front of the car. Later, into some of the steep country of Vermont, I almost bounced a biker off the front of the car, or more accurately, I almost drove right over him.

As we were headed up some really steep section of the Green Mountains, a couple of bicyclist were cruising down. The second of the two was being dropped by his buddy and must have been trying to make up some time. As we climbed and started to turn hard into a left turn, this biker was descending and into a hard right turn, but he began to wonder over the center line just as we approached. He hit the brakes and I could see the bike begin to slide out. I hit my brakes hard and he fortunately got her back under control.

As we passed, by I don't know if he was grinning, or clenching his teeth. Hopefully he realized how lucky he was.

No more than ten minutes after this, a motorcycle almost bought it on the guard rail, just below a lookout that we stopped at to take some pictures.

They arrived and left sooner than us and we were standing at the perfect location to hear one of them scrape along the guard rail for a moment, veer into the oncoming lane, were there fortunately wasn't any oncoming traffic, and get his motorcycle under control just before he headed off the road on the opposite side.

Now I feel safe and sound in Bangor...Bar Harbor, Maine tomorrow.

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