Sunday, August 15, 2010

Coco Puff


If this doesn’t make you smile…this is Coco, Karie’s little baby Angora.  She is such a little fluff ball of hair and has these cute blue eyes.

There are gray markings on her tail, noise and ears, with just a hint of gray tips on her body. 

The plan is to use her fiber for spinning and maybe down the road breed her and have some little Coco Puffs.  If you have never felt the softness of Angora fiber…wow.  It is really soft.

It spins up and weaves, with a little halo of fiber ends showing.   

Oh, for those of you wondering…Coco is Coconut in French and Spanish, so thought that was appropriate with her white fur.  The puff part, I just added that because she is all hare

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 

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