Monday, August 2, 2010

Fletcher Farm School

Since I have been posting what I consider, "more than I should" I debated about adding yet another post so soon. I thought about it and decided to go forward despite:

TITLE 1 - - Vista del Campo

CHAPTER 1 - - Lifestyle, Alpaca, Fiber, Spinning And So Much More

PART 2 - - About Me

Subpart B_Articles relating to description of blog

sec. 02.10 Labeling

(b) General. Except as provide in paragraph (b) or (c) of this section, each article shall, before publication, have a label affixed to its immediate identification for

(1) General journalism shall be used for documentation of said description...

I think it basically states that this blog is for documenting my journey, and I quote "...toward more freedom and happiness and getting the most out of every day." This does not however cover the ranting and raving of moi, in one of my resent post.

So what was I going to write about....

Oh, yeah.

During my week in Vermont, I was without internet access and subsequently without email. This sort of left me with a certain freedom for the week, to concentrate on what I was there for-Learning. But this also prevented me from posting my experiences and the telling about the wonderful people that I met while there.

My experience with this weaving class sort of solidified my desires to do this, because of the wonderful people. Before arriving, I kind of figured that I would be the only male in the class, so was surprised when the first person I met there was Bob. B.O.B. Bob. Bob was from Bath, Maine, which Karie and I had just visited not 24 hours prior.

We did a little field trip to Halcyon Yarn in Bath, and if you are into fiber art...that place rocked! We didn't buy anything, but left some drool in our path as we wandered around. They have almost anything and everything. I can only aspire to be them some day.

Back to Fletcher Farms, the school. It was nestled in the valley of Ludlow Vermont. The mountainous scenery was in most directions, and this wasn't hard to take for a week.

During the same time as this weaving class, there were other classes in session, with other artsy type focuses. I had the opportunity to visit the other classes-when we were on break-and was quickly impressed.

Because of the long days, with a couple of frustrating moments, the week flew by and soon I was saying good-bye to my new friends and on my way to pick up Karie.

When I arrived back home, it was business as usual, with all of the computer and email distractions. The daily schedule that I had grown accustomed to was missing and I, missed it.

I was thankful to be back with Karie, but missed the class and missed the people I had said good-bye to. I even sort of missed the hectic schedule that I had carried out for almost two weeks, while away.

I started a weaving project within a couple of days of returning home. I had learned so much in that week that if I didn't practice it-and soon-I would most definitely forget some, if not all of it.

But before I could get started on my weaving, the old schedules popped up where they had left off, almost two weeks before. The kind of schedule that prevents one from following their dreams as they wish to follow them.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have great support around me, with the exception of a very small group of ♂ friends. You know the kind. Snickering at the words "spinning" and "weaving."

But even the majority of my male friends are interested, and even if they don't directly support me, at least they don't make fun of me. And for that I am grateful. After all, real men don't eat quiche and they surely don't play with yarn.

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