Monday, September 13, 2010

the new adventures of old Christine

So I am recovering from an exhaustment weekend. That is when enjoyment and exhaustion collide and you are glad that Monday has come, so you can relax a little.

The Jefferson Sheep and Wool Festival was this past weekend, and my friend Molly drove down from Sparta WI – with her mom (Linda) and daughter (Morgan) to spend the weekend with us. We couldn’t pace anything, so we were either going all out or nothing.

The weekend began Friday night, at dinner with my daughter Sarah and her friend Molly (who flew in from Charlotte to vacation with Sarah.)

What’s with all the Molly's’? I will refer to her as…”the new Molly.”

It was nice to see Sarah for a few days, as she was in from North Carolina, and I haven’t seen her for over a month. And it was great to meet her friend Molly.

The four of us had a great time eating at Super Mercado in Elkhorn. (if anyone from Super Mercado sees this, please consider a complimentary horchata the next time I am in. This blog reaches at least two people nation wide.)

There is no surprise that the new Molly was wonderful, Sarah has great taste in friends.

Saturday morning, Karie and I rose early for classes at the Sheep and Wool Fest. I had a class in the morning and Karie had one in the afternoon.

An hour later we pulled into the Jefferson Fair Grounds (nearly getting hit while entering.) I had a class in the morning and had to get settled in.

Since the class let out early, I set off to track down my friend Molly. I will refer to her as…”the old Molly.” That should stir her up :)

I was so happy to see her again. I met her a little less than a year ago and haven’t seen her since. But our friendship has grown via the internet and I felt like I was being reunited with an old friend.

At home that evening, we sat around – what is normally a quiet, boring house and we chatted, spun and I had the chance to knit with Morgan.

With a busy day tomorrow and everyone being up early, we went to bed early, like living at the old folks home.

Sunday is when it all began…

Up early. Running behind. Oh, oh, gas light on car. We’re here! Almost hit again!

Where’s the instructor?

Over a half hour later the instructor shows up and nobody in our group was very happy. It started out sort of rough and wasn’t going to get better for a while.

The instructor was wound tight. I thought I was wound tight…she even made me nervous and tense.

The class went great and learned a lot about about combing fiber and how to remove from the combs. With the misunderstanding in regards to her timeliness, she waived the material fee and all was forgiven.

With a quick lunch and speed shopping through the venders, we returned to our new class about spinning bunnies.

No, it wasn’t a clinic on animal abuse, it was about spinning their fiber.

This instructor was unfortunately on time and had brought some cute little bunnies with. That was when the real trouble started.

Did I mention that they just happened to be for sale…

An hour later, and a little butterscotch colored bunny sitting on Karie’s lap, I knew I was in trouble. The bunny never moved for over an hour, and I was convinced it had some major brain damage. I meant the bunny…this time.

The peanut gallery on each side of us wasn’t any help. Everyone feeding into the cuteness, and that Karie SHOULD buy this cute little fluffy bunny.

It was relentless. Everyone, helped in selling the bunny, but nobody offered up any money or constructive help. Especially the mouth from Sparta. Not Spartan…Sparta. The hillbillyville of Wisconsin.

The peanut gallery on my left…”old Molly” found one she liked and since misery loves company. She had to sell the brain damaged one to Karie.

“Oh Karie, you should take him home.”

“growl” I’m screwed!

The instructor offers up a box to get “Butterscotch” home, and the proud new parents head home.

Yes, we again almost get hit while exiting the parking lot. Either sheep folk aren’t used to vehicles or they drank the same water as the bunny?????

Well, after an hour or so of Karie traumatizing both of the bunnies, the two rabbits are going at it – I don’t mean in that way – and Karie manages to get bit. There’s a lesson in here…hmm.

Since I’m off work on Monday, I offer to go get, yet another cage for Butterscotch and am told “no…it’s not your responsibility.” Translated to “you are going to pay Mark, one way or the other.”

Well, before I head off to do some grocery shopping, I go outside to check on the “not my responsibilities” and the front door of the cage is wide open…

I sure am glad that this isn’t my responsibility. I turn ar0und and head back into the house.

Just kidding.

I rounded up the useless rabbit herding dog and we headed out searching.

Something must be contagious because I don’t think that dumb dog could find herself, if she was the only one in a rabbit hutch.

Thankfully I have some Cherokee blood in me and I set out on the cold tracks.

Thank goodness for Coco (and Karie, I don’t think I could stood all of the sobbing) the frontage road in the front of the house, separates her from the always busy main street, and Coco was hanging out there under my truck...hmmm.

I circled around and managed to scare her into the back yard, all the while the dumb dog is just following me and looking up at me every time I call to Coco. (Karie sure knows how to pick’em.) She must have used up all her good sense when picking me.

I don’t know if the taste of freedom spurred her, or if the trauma of what Karie had done to them the night before, but she didn’t want any part of me catching her.

Finally, back in her cage off the slave goes to get the grocery shopping done.


So, now it’s early afternoon and I still have the new cage to set-up.

I do have the sheets cleaned and ready to go for our next guest (the old Molly isn’t allowed back in this house again.)

So, if you are out there - Molly from Sparta - I’m watching you.

And to the new Molly, I just had a recent, very recent cancellation in friends and have an opening.

“…love spelt backwards is evol…” eminem.

Love ya, Sparta!

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