Friday, September 24, 2010

Recipe For Disaster

No, this is not a cook’in with Mark post.

I have always been someone that picks most things up quickly and with a certain proficiency.  I never make it to the greatness level, but I am proficient.

Lately the fibers have been kicking my butt though.  With my new adventures in starting a new business, I am forcing myself to learn outside my comfort zone, as a study in the arts.

What happens if I do this?  What happens when I do that?

As I attempt something new with the fiber arts, I am reminded of a weaving instructor that told a story about a comment that her husband made.  I guess he told her that she spends to much time “un-weaving.”

To which she replied “Do you realize how many things that can go wrong when weaving?”

This is very accurate and it keeps ringing in my ears.  This statement is what keeps me going lately.  As I can apply it towards weaving.  I can apply it with knitting.  I can apply to my spinning. 

I have been pushing my comfort zone with all of these endeavors.  And occasionally I just have to put is down and let it be.  But normally I am too bullheaded for that.

I have tossed out more yarn lately, some of which I have spun and some of it from disastrous knitting projects.  I even wore out a piece of yarn from pulling apart my project so many times that it ended up  fraying to shreds.

On one project I ‘frogged’ as much yarn as I had in it.  (rip-it…rip-it…rip-it)  I am doing my part in attempting to stimulate the economy.

Some days I have to go back to a mastered task – like a comfort food; eat a little until I feel good, then move on to something more challenging again.  Until I get frustrated yet again. 

Now that our most hopeful deal on the house fell through, we are spending a little time and money organizing a space in the basement, dedicated to fiber.  It is starting to feel cozy. 

You know how knitters always talk about what they have on their needles…that’s nothing. 

For me it is what I have on the wheel, loom, spindle, needles and saw horses. 

  • Currently I have three different fibers on three different bobbins. 
  • I have two different fiber on two different spindles.
  • Three different projects on three sets of needles.  One basically done; one getting closer; and one never ending. 
  • An empty loom screaming my name…and one on Craigslist with my name written all over it.

I don’t even want to talk about the saw horses…

where was I…

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  1. Don't give up! Learning is sometimes painful as you are finding but you also need to remember to celebrate what you are doing. As for the comfort food, lay off the comfort food!