Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alpaca Extravaganza

Karie and I went south into Illinois Saturday, to visit the alpaca show at the Lake County Fair grounds.  Of all our dreams, this is one of the most remote at this time.

I have been hooked on alpaca since I first saw them…and got Karie hooked when we took a fieldtrip to a somewhat local farm and saw the cute little cria and heard them conversing with a mesmerizing hum. 

From this farm visit, we became friends with the owners and I have mentioned them before and will surely mention them in the future. 

We did run into our friends at the show and it was fun as always to visit with them, joke around and talk fiber.  I need more of that!

The next morning, Karie and I visited my “new” favorite local coffee shop, a small drive away.  (Lets be honest,  I try to visit there every day.)   

Despite the 20 minute drive, it is next to Snap Fitness and therefore convenient.  There are others closer, but nothing compares with the Well Bean and most definitely worth the drive to see my favorite baristas.

I always order the iced coffee with a  shot of mocha, Kona Dark roast and top it off with a little half and half.

If I can get there before 8:00am I get this delicious treat at half price and the atmosphere blows that coffee company from Seattle out of the water. 

I usually bring my knitting project along and work on it as I relax before working out – allowing the caffeine to properly absorb into my system before working out.  Ahh, it feels so good coursing through my veins.

Occasionally someone will comment on my knitting…always the ladies.  I guess if you don’t have anything good to say…

Well today as I was knitting Karie’s Mobius, a lady walks in and says “knitting in the round…sweet!”   

Obvious from her language, she wasn’t of the aged crustiness that I am. 

This made me chuckle and in a very simplistic way,  feel good inside; as I was obviously sharing a passion that she also embraces.

After this happened, my thoughts drifted to all the people I have talked with lately about fiber art.

It is wonderful to see others propelled from their interest in one area as the path guides them. 

The drive from one passion, leading to the the interest, then passion for another.  This takes place in any form of the following:

Animals; fiber; weaving; spinning; knitting; OBSESSION…

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