Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Bazaar Crafters

Well, Sugar River Fiber attended the craft bazaar, hosted and organized by the Glacier Edge PTO this past Saturday, December 4th.  The snow might have kept a few attendees away, but it didn’t appear to impact the venders.

For the first year of PTO organizing this event, the show had a great vender attendance but lacked the foot traffic the venders so desperately needed.  And this was out of their control.  

It was inspiring that before the event was over, the PTO was already discussing ways to increase and encourage people to visit the craft bazaar and support the local businesses that attended.

Thanks go out to Stacy Zimmerman for heading this and all of the volunteers that gave their time on a cold and snowy Saturday. 

Craft Bazaar 049

Sugar River’s humble little booth.


The real success appeared to be the breakfast and the silent auction. 

Pancakes – tamales – sausage – juice, and I was stuck in the booth and could not fully enjoy this. 

The silent auction offed all sorts of items, gifts and specials to bid on. 

With Sugar River offering a felted scarf lesson with materials as one of the gifts to buy. 

It was awesome to see a local family (that not only attend the school, but the father teaches at the school) win this item and we look forward to completing this project with them. 

Other items for auction included lunch with the Kindergarten team and ice cream with other teachers.  Which were all a big hit!

I had to joke with the teachers that visited the booth – if I had known about this, I would have been over there bidding on dates with them.  All for a good cause, all for a good cause… 

It sounds like they raised some serious money for the PTO…which in turn supports the teachers and students at Glacier Edge.

I did get to talk with some of the Kindergarten teachers and it looks like they would be interested in having me come back again this coming spring for a spinning demonstration.  I look forward to that, as I had a blast last year when I was offered this opportunity.     

Sugar River shared their booth with some hottie in need…

Karie displayed her woven scarfs and had fun spinning to occupy her time.

I had fun on the drop spindle and spent most of my day on that, walking around and talked with some great people and some great venders. 

Craft Bazaar 047

Karie spinning while a future student observes.


Thanks to all of the people that visited the booth and hope to see you next year!

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