Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bear With Me Here…

Or should I say “bare with me” as I expose and confess.  But it has been very difficult for me write as of lately.  Or is just that things haven’t been ‘right’ lately… stop it.

I have started typing away with this and that, but it always seems to slowly move to the dark side before I finish a thought.  And that is not at all what I want. 

If you wanted more negativity, you could just turn on the evening news and get your RDA of that.  I want this to be more lite…or is it light…now I’m just being confrontational. 

On a positive note, I had a pretty darn good Christmas.  Not too busy, and not too boring.  Spent some wonderful time with the kids.  Who aren’t kids anymore.  For this I am thankful.

Not that they are not kids anymore…but that I had a good Christmas.   It generally seems to get overly busy and muddled some how. 

So I write this with slight hesitation, because I know this is not the case for all two of my readers.  And for those of you nodding your heads…I hope it is getting better now.

Over the holiday break, I had the opportunity to teach my daughter and her boyfriend how to drop spindle.  I thought it went well and hope that they had fun. 

As a guy, I find it interesting that the male gender gravitates towards the mechanics of it all.  Whereas some females appear to get more upset with this male feature, rather than enjoy it. 

Maybe there is a niche for me after all.  Some sort of a Technical Spinning 101 class. 

Who cares what the yarn looks like, or if the fiber really holds together.  This is why it should hold together and isn’t that so cool.  Who comes up with this stuff. 

The other kind of exciting thing is, Sugar River Fiber might get a booth at the Great Midwest Alpaca Festival, on April 30 – May 1 2011.  Seems weird to say 2011. 

We have attended the show as visitors, but never as a vender or alpaca owner.  This is a really nice show and always has great venders.   Hopefully someday we can go as alpaca owners too.

Maybe I can even bribe a certain friend out  there – hmm hmm - to come join me and do some demonstrations.   

That was pretty positive.

I think that went well!  

Black Sheep

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