Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Workshops…or Workshop.

As of a couple of days ago, today (Saturday) was filled with two workshops, in two parts of the state. 

Karie was to drive to Madison area and give the felted scarf workshop.  And I was to stay more local for a knitting class.

The wonderful family that won the bid at the silent auction was set up for a rigid heddle day, weaving a felted scarf with the mother and daughter and Karie volunteering her time for Sugar River Fiber. 

Both of these wonderful parents, are educators in the State of Wisconsin…which is now in a state of chaos for educators. 

Due to the crazy week and crazy weekend ahead, they chose to reschedule for March.  Maybe this will be better.  If I am available that day, maybe I can attend and that would be a blast, as I would love to experience firsthand what they create. 

For me today, I spent knitting with a wonderful lady at The Well Bean.  As I knit there – most every morning – she approached me one day and was interested in learning to knit.  One thing led to another and…bada boom, bada bing, here we were.

She did awesome and is hopefully on here way to a wonderful experience with fiber.  And that I love to see. 

As we sat there, it also offered an opportunity to  talk with the owner about fiber and another customer as they stopped by for coffee. 

As enthusiast know, talking with others about what we love, is totally awesome.  It is so cool to share your passion with others. 

The exposure is positive and who knows where it will go, and what tomorrow will bring.

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