Thursday, March 24, 2011

In The Cards

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”  Reinhold Niebuhr

I read this moments before sitting down to post on  Vista del Campo, and I feel it spoke to me and applies to what I was feeling before sitting down.  

I haven’t voiced the blogs name for awhile.  I don’t get to say “Vista del Campo” often and it feels good just to say it now. 

“Vista del Campo”

“Vista del Campo”

“Vista del Campo”

Vista del Campo is the name Karie and I decided on after purchasing our humble “slightly under 6 acres” in the beautiful countryside of Green County.

That little acreage holds so much potential for doing what we love.  What I love.

But the actual dream is what holds so much more. 

My intentions of writing were on the the topic of how small things make change.

I am not even trying to debate the topics of the effectiveness of protest.  There are many others much more smatz than myself to debate that. 

I am referring to the small things we do in every day life that impact our own, personal future(s).

I am thinking back to one of the small decisions that I made in my past – that dramatically altered my personal future and developed who I am today.

At the time, I was really into mountain biking and as a result – really into mountain bikes.  I was offered a job (only Saturdays) at a local bike shop to assemble and sell bikes. 

At this same time, I was offered an opportunity to race sailboats…again on Saturdays. 

Decisions – decisions.

I went the sailing route and because of this, the following happened:

  • I sailed with a boat – where the owner ended up becoming a great friend of mine. 
  • I bought a sailboat, raced on my own and invited a friend to sail with me.  This friend became a good friend of mine.

As a result of the friendship with my crew, I was invited to take a navigation class with him.  On that first night we attended the navigation class, I met my future wife Karie. 

On the day Karie became my “wife” the best man for the wedding was the owner of the sailboat that I originally sailed with.  hum.

And all of this time, mountain biking became a lessor pastime and while I still continued to love mountain biking, my frequency of riding decreased.

Now – many years later – we have more recently sold the sailboat, have taken to road riding more frequently and have moved on to many other wonderful experiences – and each of these new experiences sort of become our focus.  A piece of my heart continues to stay back with these past loves, but I am able to throw all of myself into current interest.

Because of different opportunities or actions, these interest may fluidly move to and fro before they eventually, permanently settle.

And then I ask myself that if this settle were to be true would I even want that? 

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