Friday, March 11, 2011

The Winning Weaving Weekend

Karie and I trekked to Verona for a weaving Saturday, this past Saturday.  Our outing was for the top bidders of the Glacier Edge Elementary silent auction, and boy did we have fun.

It was so refreshing to get out into the community and allow them to re-fuel me for the upcoming spring.

For those that remember back…


The high bidders for the felted scarf  package was a teacher of Glacier Edge and his wonderful family.

The previously scheduled scarf day was canceled “due to improper timing.”  As the Saturday that was scheduled, was the week all the budget crisis happened around here.  No one felt it was great timing for what should be a fun, relaxing day and was therefore canceled and shortly rescheduled.

While the budget hasn’t improved or changed, we proceeded forward for this past weekend and had a great time. 

Karie did the hard work, I just tagged along for support and the felting process, and knitted when I wasn’t needed. 

So here is how it went:

Anna, a talented second grader at Glacier Edge and her mom Sara, worked mostly on the scarf throughout the morning. 

Felted Scarf Class 003

Felted Scarf Class 006

We even got dad involved for a couple of rows and he thought he was all that after completing those little rows.  Anna was the clear star here. 

Felted Scarf Class 009 

At noon, we broke for Anna’s basketball game and we went to get lunch for ourselves while she was able to break from the morning schedule and have a change of pace. 

Anna did so well in the morning, there wasn’t much to do after lunch when we resumed.  A little time finishing up, cut the project off and off to the sink to felt. 

Felted Scarf Class 012

After the project was finished, it was really neat to see Anna excited about wearing it, and I felt bad that she needed to wait for her awesome scarf to completely dry.

Felted Scarf Class 014

Awesome day, awesome family.  I look forward to trying this again and may offer a drawing bowl at the Alpaca show at the end of April. 

Maybe I can even talk Karie into traveling with me on this event…


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