Sunday, April 24, 2011

Five Days and Counting

When it rains, it pour's!

I am getting busy.  I have been slow since last fall and now it’s getting busy…really busy.

Working on the jobsite this past week and for the month ahead.  I was…no, I am so tired.  And now that trimming is getting busy, I am getting ready for vending season.

Only five more days until The Great Midwest Alpaca Festival in Madison. 

Getting as much done as I can, but nervous about being prepared. 

It is, what it is. 

Immediately after the festival, I jump head first into Market on the Square in Monroe, Wi.

I should get the greatest exposure there and hope to create some long-lasting friendships while there. 

This will be the summer of all or nothing. 

So cross your fingers and for three readers…come visit me!


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