Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In Vogue

Yesterday I checked out a few past issues of VOGUE Knitting International from the local library.  I have recently been  having a love affair with the library . 

I find it so refreshing to take back from my community when finances prevent me from subscribing or buying my own.  And you should see the DVD’s they have…ooh shiny.

Since I have begun knitting, I always choose projects that are seamless.  Part of it is the simplicity of knitting back and forth from the top down, or better still, round-n-round with knit stitches only.

Part of it is the insecurity of making my seams disappear.

But the main reasons is the sheer terror of knitting three to five (or more) pieces and hoping they fit together when it comes time to seaming.   

But one of the articles I stumbled onto by accident – because it was not the reason for me checking out this issue  - was titled “Going Seamless: Part One. 

I am loving it – and learning so much.  I will have to return and find the issue with part two, which continues with sleeve(s) to body discussion.     

Maybe this going “seamless” is a guy thing.  After all it is written by none other than Jarod Flood, of the “Brooklyn Tweed” Jared Floods.

He makes all of the points that I make to myself and more, only he does it in an understandable, intelligent way.

I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.  This guy is amazing and I want to grow up to be just like him. 



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