Monday, April 18, 2011

Spinning at Glacier Edge Elementary

This is my second year of spinning with the entire Kindergarten class at Glacier Edge Elementary, in Verona Wisconsin.

I still find it sort of amazing; some of the words the children  come up with. 

They have been learning about sheep, wool, knitting, weaving and how fabric is made.  So they have a really good idea of what I was making and how it could be used.

glacier edge 038

This year I brought the drop spindle and showed them that first.  I don’t think there were enough moving parts to keep them interest.

Note to self:  next year let them feel the samples of fiber before I start to spin…maybe they will pay attention!

glacier edge 070

I first show them the how a single piece of yarn is made, I also try to demonstrate why this is important in making fiber strong.

I then ply two singles together, and again I try to explain how this makes the single yarn even stronger.

glacier edge 073

Eventually comes the question and answer time…one girl - sitting up front - was commenting on the small wheel turning with every “revolution” of the big wheel – and yes she did use that exact word. 

Wow, some of these kids have really great questions…and from the picture below you can see that the Q & A session got rough. 

ay Chihuahua!

Confused Thinking Man

glacier edge 121

So, thinking quick on my feet - I start talking about the nomenclature of the spinning wheel. 

Now who’s the smarty pants!

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