Thursday, May 12, 2011

My First Day at Market on the Square

Oh boy!  Where do I start.

It was B – A – double DD - BAD!

I realized before I arrived, that there was going to be a few kinks I needed to work out in my new market adventure.  In fact, I realized that there would be many kinks.

The other venders that I met were very nice and encouraging, but it went a little rough.  Honestly, this just wasn’t any fun.

When I arrived, the threat of rain was still on the radio, but the sky looked to be fine and after bailing on the last two events (because of threatening rain) I couldn’t skip another. 

The wind was the initial problem and I struggled with the canopy,  attempting to get it up and not blow into anyone.

I finally succeeded with the canopy and began setting up the grid wall I planned (and still plan) on using. 

Everything I placed on pegs just blew off and ended up on the ground.  Now I am getting a little frustrated.

So, I decided to install the side walls that I had bought when I bought the canopy. 

Only the sidewalls sort of come as one very large piece of fabric that covers all four walls.  I only want to cover one. 

I manage to struggle with the 40 feet of fabric and fold it back on itself, while securing most of it so the wind won’t play with it too much. 

I then continue setting up and it is starting to go better. 

The market is scheduled to open in a couple of minutes and I have more like 10-15 minutes more of set-up to even be close.  Because of the time, I don’t set-up…well almost half of what I have…

I get finished and am open for business. 

I finally get a few customers browsing and everyone seams to ask if the yarn is alpaca…

About half of it is, but I don’t know why alpaca it is what they all ask???

Don’t get me wrong, I love talking alpaca with whoever.  So when one lady walks in, she immediately asked if it was alpaca.  I sort of floated my arm over the yarn that is alpaca and proceeded to ask her if she was familiar with alpaca. 

“Well, I’m not buying any.” was her reply.

What the beep was that about?

And I am thinking, you don’t have to buy anything from me for me to want to talk about alpaca with you…but you do need to be nice. 

Don’t let my foot hit you on the way out. 

Soon after this, I think she put a curse on the market and thunder sounded off in the distance. 

The sky still didn’t look too bad, and besides, nobody else was concerned.

Less than ten minutes passed and I began to hear the pat – pat – pat on the canopy top.  The rain began. 

Good thing I have this nice protection over me and have the wall up on the windward side. 

Now I cursed myself and the wind began to change direction and the rain was coming in on one of the exposed sides.

Move some stuff. 

The next small issue is, we are set-up on a section of street in the angled parking spots.  As the rain increases, the water begins to wash down into the curb where…that’s right.

Where we are set-up.

Move some more stuff.

Every so often the rain must have pooled just slightly on the top and as the wind puffed against everything, it would randomly empty these pools and send a cascade of water down the edge and back into my space.  Ya, my space. 

This is all I have right now. 

So as I am standing in the center of the tent to stay dry – bloop – bloop – bloop. 

The stupid canopy is dripping from the center now.

Well, by the the time the rain ended, I was nearly completely packed and only needed to carry it to vehicle when the opportunity presented it’s self. 

At 5:30 I was getting out of there.

I think I had more traffic from the other vendors just checking me out I think, than customers.

The positive thing is, I finished drop spindling my Shetland and now only need to ply.   

I can hardly wait for Saturday!

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  1. Mark,
    Can the sides of your shelter be attached along the top edge and then rolled up and bungeed to stay in place? If so, then it "might" be possible to drop and secure them if needed. Of course, I am purely speculating, not experiencing it first hand.
    I hope you can work out the kinks and that this next week goes VERY smoothly and successfully!
    Good Luck!