Sunday, May 29, 2011

No Rain–No Wind–No Cold

Market on the Square (MOTS) went great.  I wish Karie could have been there to share in the fun, but had a grooming appointment – not for herself but for the dog. Duh.

And that mutt needed it.  She gets a little doggy smelling when her hair gets too long.  It must hold the odor and dirt in and doesn’t breath like it should. 

The only problem is, after she gets home from the groomer, the poor girl smells more like a French hoe.  But she is sleek and a pretty girl.  

Note to self: ask the groomer if he has any fragrance other than eau de toilette de French hoe. 

While it wasn’t a beautiful Caribbean morning for MOTS, it was at least dry, warm…ish, and not windy.

Plus, there were great people out and about.  I always love fiber talk with people that share the same passion. 

I am sure, as the weather continues to warm, more and more wonderful people will show, and I hope they stop by.

The last time Karie came with me, I tried to freeze her to death – but didn’t succeed. 

So for me, Saturday was a big success in my book. 



Marieke Slouch Hat

This is my new kit and I hope to have it packaged for this coming Wednesday show. 

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