Monday, May 2, 2011

Post Vending - Lazy Day

I have the truckster unloaded.  Neatly stacked in the garage, and waiting for the next call to Market on the Square in Monroe, WI.

I have spent most of the day just relaxing, doing bookwork, reviewing what happened this past weekend and listening to some bad podcast. 

I am unplugging the headphones because this is like listening to paint dry…

That wasn’t a typo. 

Financially, the weekend was a loss. 

But I met so many wonderful people and that is a intangible that I can not place a value on.

I learned a good deal.  But have more learn’n to do.

For example: the setup and take down is too time consuming…

I can’t spend 4 hours doing this every day for the Farmer’s Market or I will go carpenter on someone. 

I also learned that it is true.

Opinions are like…

Now back to scheduled programing. 

I had a wonderful vending neighbor for the weekend and was envious of her Sunday traffic. 

Sandy Jones, of Sandy’s Palette LLC was very helpful in advising me for the future. 

She had some great ideas, encouragement and gave me future events that have potential and I should look into.   

On my end, I need to focus on my direction for these future events.  Niche Niche Niche.

The drawing for an Intro to Spinning Clinic is done, and the people will be contacted very shortly.  First I need to finish the email. 

I am looking forward to this.  

I was pleased with the response I received for my baby sweater kits and I would still like to expand  into big people designs – adults. 

My neighbor suggested a line of hetero knits for men – she didn’t really put it that way.

So, put your hands together and give a warm welcome to…

Johnny Skein…Extreme Knitting


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