Saturday, June 4, 2011

Drill and Grill…

Today was a warm, muggy one at MOTS.  Thank goodness for the light breeze there was, otherwise it would have been brutal. 

You thought I was actually going to end this without the mention of rain. 


It had to rain about 11:30 or so.  The wind switched around and we had to do some quick picking-up to keep it dry.

We failed slightly. 

So after getting home, I had to open all of the containers up and air everything out. 

I also need to reorganize since it was just thrown in what ever was close and probably couldn’t find it if I wanted to.


Had my first repeat customer…that was really cool. 

I also had a lady come through asking about my knitting items.

What is this on the end of the needles?

“What are these?”

“What is this hat pattern?”

“Sounds hard…”

“I’ll take these four items…”???

Okay… said the little voice in my head – not that one, the other one.

“So what part of fiber do you play with?” I asked her.

“I knit a little.” she replied.

Okay… said the little voice in my head…ya, that one. 

Anyone that has knitted – oh…two items in their life should have known most of the questions that she asked me.

After she left, I turned to Karie and asked “what was that?”

Karie said “she was checking you out to see if you knew anything.”

Okay…said the third voice in my head…

I was drilled and grilled.

I must have passed the first round, she bought some stuff from me. 

Now see if she returns. 

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