Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Stars Are Aligning

I am writing this - with my Wednesday “free morning”  before MOTS – sitting in my favorite coffee shop – The Well Bean – cha-ching!

My favorite barista and friend is back from a 5 week health hiatus.  

The sweet nectar of the the caffeine bean slowly coursing through my veins – it feels so good.

The stars are aligning and all is slowly become well again.


It has been a whirl wind of activity this past month or so. 

Both Karie and I have been running on little sleep and it is getting…well… tiring. 


My daughter (Sarah) was a beautiful bride on June 11. 

This consumed some of our energy driving out to North Carolina - on physical empty.  Helping Sarah and Josh get ready for the wedding and not sleeping well for the nights leading up to the special day. 

I don’t want to get caught up in the podcasting babble of talking about my &*%$ cats and how cute they are…but the wedding was outdoors; it went almost perfect; it was an awesome evening and night.

Enough said!


MOTS has been touch and go as usual. 

Still getting rained out frequently, had a great Saturday, and it looks to be a great Wednesday - today.

All of the Fiber Art festivals and shows are rapidly approaching in this area and I am trying to balance this along with markets and general life.

I wish I could just talk all of the classes, learn a great deal, retain it and apply all that I have learned.  BUT. 

I want Sugar River Fiber to get into another yarn for patterns and kits. 

I am oscillating back and forth on two different wholesalers and need to make a decision and move.  They both have their advantage and disadvantages. 

But I not made of money ya know!

On to the “I’ve had it up to here” segment of the blog.  I spent 40-50 hours on a pattern only to realize…you can’t get there from here.

I think I have formed a plan “B” and will pursue that path today or tomorrow. 

So…in another 40 hours or so I should be happy…or really, really disappointed. 

Keep your needles crosses!  

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