Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cranky Johnny

All work and no play, makes Johnny Skein a cranky boy.

As most of the country is experiencing, the week was filled with heat and humidity.

Last week was such a hot and busy week for us here in the land of Sugar River, that Johnny’s got a little cranky. 

For Wednesday, the heat was excuse enough to not vend at MOTS, but needing to work didn’t help the situation either. 

I would loved to have had the day off. 

By Thursday, I was exhausted and was grateful for the materials not coming in and having Friday off. 

It also rained almost all of the day, so either way I would have had the day off.

Saturday I woke to the dreaded alarm. 

It was so dark outside that I double checked the clock to see if I had set something wrong.

After getting ready as usual, I checked the computer and the radar showed rain to come in a few hours, around the time the market would open.

As Karie and I headed out to the truck it started to rain…

We just turned around and went back in the house.

It continued to rain for the next few hours but the day did turn around. 

Johnny and wife had some Mexican for lunch, a couple of naps and an awesome, easy bike ride in the evening. 

I feel so guilty not attempting to set up at the Market…but Johnny and I are so thankful for the time to recover!

And we still have Sunday to look forward to.


  1. Dear Johnny,

    I was unaware your first and last name had changed. Henceforth I will refer to you as Johnny Skein. However, I think this name is befitting of a motorcycle daredevil, or perhaps a man that's climbed a fourteener or two. It is much too cool for a knitting zookeeper.

    Sarah Skein Paxson

  2. Dear Johnny,
    I have been following your blog for several weeks and now have several requests.
    First request: please join me and my boyfriend as we explore all that knitting can offer.
    Second: with a name like Johnny Skein, we can't help but wonder what you look like. Please send a photo (preferably shirtless) or wearing a cute alpaca cardigan.
    Third: I am also in the process of changing my name. Do you have any suggestions? I love knitting, long walks on the lake skein, skein diving, naked skeining, and skeiny dipping.

    Jose Paxskein

  3. Thank y'all for your responses. I couldn't help but notice your unique names. when my family came to the new world, my great grandfather Jacob U. Woolskein, shortened his family's name from Woolskein - to the more simple 'Skein.' Maybe we have relatives in the old country.

    To Sarah - I did have a motorcycle in my youth as a mini skein. I sold it though, and have moved to a much safer sport with blunt pointed needles.

    To Jose, I too enjoy all of the outdoor activities you have mentioned.

    A recent photo of me will be posted soon, as I have had some glamor shots taken and would enjoy showing them off.