Saturday, July 16, 2011

Market on the Square

So, last week at MOTS, a lady came in and bought a baby sweater kit. 

We talked a little and I asked that if she lived in the area, if she could bring the finished sweater back and show me.

Today she stopped by for a little show and tell…and it was awesome.

Johnny Skein was handily out done today.  

She followed the size pattern for a 12 month, but changed the stitch pattern, adding purl stitches.

The texture changed so much visually and it had a wonderful cushy feel.  All done with a simple addition of some purls.   

I will definitely play with this idea in the near future.


Baby Sweater 1

Baby Sweater Kit

Baby Sweater close up

It was so cool to see my idea made even better and made even more special for the lucky child that it will be gifted to.

Since the child cannot appreciate this as it deserves to be…I sure hope the parents do. 

Thank you!

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