Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Leave it up to Wisconsin weather to almost bake you one day and nearly freeze you the next. 

Okay, I embellished that slightly. but it is crazy.

For the last two days we have head the familiar ‘dog days of summer’ happening here in southern Wisconsin.

I have been working outside and baking from the…moist heat lets call it and basting in your own juices.

Big winds, then rain, and finally the heavy humidity as the sun attempts to roast us.   

And while I don’t like to sit under the canopy at the market and have the heat rise off the asphalt like a warming tray.

It is more tolerable - especially if there is a breeze.

Now today, I am sitting outside with the bunnies  before my trip to MOTS and I am cold and in need of a sweater.

Maybe a angora rabbit sweater…

Today would be the perfect day to work comfortably outside.

If you notice, there are  a lot of cooking references here - so maybe I should head into the kitchen and get something to eat before I leave. 

Karie’s gone…some nice warm rabbit stew anyone?


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