Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Creating a Cult

How do you create a cultish following?

I am writing this as I sit on top of a little hill – at the Huttner compound – that also coincides with the very small wooded area of our property.  All of this is what got the ball moving over two years ago. 

And as I write this, my honey is headed south – from school – and my faithful companion is alternating between laying next to me on the ground and searching for burrs. 

We are all spending the night here tonight and I may stay another night depending on many factors in search of Johnny’s vision quest.

As I drove here today and approached the rolling hills of Green County, I couldn’t help but reminisce over the past year.

Sugar River Fiber has recently celebrated it’s one year anniversary. 

Though it was mostly uneventful, to the point of not really knowing when to say the date really was, or what we did to ‘not’ celebrate. 

As any new business, it is an exciting and exhausting endeavor because of the time and energy one pours into it.

I have dropped from the sugar rush of last weekend in Paoli and I now have new plans to make and promises to keep – I need an autumn schedule for classes and have to add one more class.

Another thought that has been consuming my mind is where to go from here.

What door needs to be opened and what doors would benefit us to close before I proceed forward.  

So how does one create a cultish following?

How do you grow and display a charismatic environment that people flock to and drop your name with pride?

The successful yarn stores have this.   

This is possibly the proverbial cliché of “finding your niche.”

In the past year I have been bombarded with advice and more advice.  Most well intended and concrete…I mean concrete like sinking to the bottom and some are starving artist for a reason!


Business 101 dictates a  working business plan for the company to follow.  A road map of sorts for your business’s journey.  

While I have a general idea scratched on something in my mind, funds are limited and therefore Sugar River’s business plan has been fluid.

And fluid it was/is. 

I don’t pretend to posses the ability to see the future – and don’t know if I would want to.

But I am always correcting course and steering towards the freshest wind.

Hopefully the rough patches will become fewer and fewer as we head into the second year.  And hopefully the dedicated consumers will become greater.

While keeping my eye on the present, I am beginning to look out further into the future – with a smidge of patience – and already planning  for the last half of year two. 

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