Friday, August 26, 2011

A Little Sad

I woke today thinking about Stitches Midwest. 

I have planned on attending this all summer long, but didn’t sign up for classes because of schedule. 

As this week began, I decided the time was there and I really needed to do this. 

But as entered the checkout I was quickly stopped. 

You don’t see a price list until you have added a class to your cart and go into the cart to find out the damages. 

I had never really dug deep enough to find this out, and when I continued to the checkout I was quickly stopped. 

A one day class would have cost me $180.00…

That is completely out of my disposable income range and I closed the window, knowing that they made up my mind for me.  But still very disappointed. 

So, yesterday I really wanted to blog about this and thought better of it.  Today I have a slightly different perspective, but still extremely disappointed and sad.

I understand they have cost…

I understand they have a tremendous amount of time coordinating this complex adventure…


I understand that the instructors most likely don’t get anywhere near this amount (slight injustice.)

And I mostly understand that I would need to budget this out for months in order to afford it.  But I could never justify it!

This is a growing epidemic.

Stitches – SOAR’s – and other large regional events that often charge an exorbitant price to participate, making it off limits to many of us.

Last fall I attended one class during SOAR’s because they were literally 7 miles from me and I knew it would never get any cheaper than that.

And while there, I run across people that have flown over from Britain to attend this. 

You have to either have money or really be caught in that cultism I recently focused on. 

So my poor attempt on putting a positive spin on this today is stay local.

Visit your local knowledge.

Yarn…fiber…whatever your interest are.

Maybe that is the cost effective ‘green’ answer to the increasingly overly priced national events. 

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