Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Schacht Meets Harrisville Yarn

For our new Beginning Rigid Heddle class, I have combined what I consider the best of two ‘Made in America’ companies and their products.

In this class the weaver makes an easy felted scarf.  

Art in the Park 003

Schacht Flip Loom with Harrisville Yarn’s Highland

We start off with the Flip Rigid Heddle loom made by Schacht Spindle Co. of Boulder Colorado. 

The Flip Loom is perfect for the introduction of weaving because of it’s simplicity, portability and convenience, and is the loom used exclusively in this class for these reasons. 

Add the tightly spun merino crossed wool from Harrisville Yarns – made in non other than Harrisville New Hampshire – to the Flip loom and we have the dreamy duo for our Beginning Rigid Heddle class.

Art in the Park 005

This beginning class is as I like to say “almost foolproof” – and I don’t want anyone to try to prove me wrong.

The only real fault would be if you didn’t felt the scarf enough and it began to fall apart as you wear it. 

The class is quick and easy, and the successful participant goes home with a finished project.

Check out the Events Page for more information and dates.   

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