Friday, October 14, 2011

6 x 40 =…oh my gosh!


I have been working on my shrugs for 4 months.   I have completed 6 shrugs and have numerous shrugs that never were completed.

Different sizes – different colors.

Design…re-design…oops this does not seem to be working – re-design again. 

I believe I can see some light ahead.  I am hopefully reaching the end of this journey. 

Now the task of putting what I have on paper - and in excel - into something resembling  a rational order.  A pattern that others can follow.

Oy vey!

Originally I was to have this pattern out by the end of October…

Deep breath.  Trying to stay fluid and not go crazy. 

End of October…

Ain’t gona happen!


As Market on the Square comes to a close in Monroe, I feel relieved, but sort of feeling lost.

How many of my newly made ‘fiber friends’ will keep in touch as the cold weather sinks into this part of the country.

What will I do on Saturdays?  What will I do with my new found time?

All weather frustration aside…

I will miss my Saturday routine.

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