Thursday, October 20, 2011

They are not just for cities anymore!

What is our obsession with the roundabouts that are popping up all over the country side? 

Near Madison where I frequently drive, roundabouts are becoming more prevalent than grain silos. 

I find them a little scary when I approach a new roundabout for the first time.  I am afraid for everyone else’s safety and for mine – don’t tell me you aren’t. 

One lane…two lanes…

Stay to your left, no straight, no go right.

Could they at the very least make them all the same?

Watch for traffic from the left so you don’t hit and watch for the traffic from the right so you don’t get hit. 

Signs on the pavement…signs on the side…signs in the air. 

All the while, trying not to get creamed by the other fool in front of you that is more frightening than you. 

Off the exit they go…and back on they re-appear. 

Can you do that?

To the south west of Madison there is a small community of 7000 people and they have approximately 1 roundabout for every 1400 residence.


One roundabout that I was recently exposed to is placed on a left curve in the road…

Now you can’t even look forward and see where you want to be, you are just focused on where you are.

The roundabout spins you counter-clockwise like one of those coin funnels McDonalds play land and you have no clue where to get off.

I feel so culturally enriched like being in Europe.  Now just throw in couple of volatile Italians and then we can call it a party.

I’m just having fun there, I love Italian ladies…except for the ones on Jersey Shores...they ain’t no ladies?

Maybe in the Midwest we could put a grain silo in the middle of this wasted space and make it useful. 

Maybe we could polish it up like the Millennium Bean in Chicago and have even more fun.

“Way is that idiot following so close?”

“Oh that is just me.”

Maybe there could be an experimental roundabout where, if you stay left, you do end up in the vortex of the coin funnel and drop into a bottomless hole.

Around and around we go, but instead of a 4.5 gram nickel you spin around at 20 mph in a 4000 lb. coffin on wheels.


A from of Darwinian law.

Only I might be the one to get sucked in first.

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