Monday, November 21, 2011

La Crosse For The Weekend

Spent the weekend in La Crosse with Karie and my best fiber friend in the world.  Those that have been with me for awhile will know her as “old Molly.”

She is so much younger than me and I just love saying that.

Oh, I forgot to include little Izzi…my faithful doggy friend.

For the first step of packing my true love gave to me,                           a wheel to strap in the back seat.

For the second step of packing my true love gave to me,               two woven rugs,                                                                                                  and a wheel to strap in the back seat.

For the third step of packing my true love gave to me,                  three furry mammals',                                                                                    two woven rugs,                                                                                                   and a wheel to strap in the back seat.

For the fourth step of packing my true love gave to me,                  four rigid heddles,                                                                                          three furry mammals,                                                                                        two woven rugs,                                                                                                     and a wheel to strap in the back seat.

For the fifth step of packing…I ran out of things and you get the idea.

Shortly after arriving, people started trickling in and one of the them (Linda) delivered a pre-weaving pizza.

As the pizza cooked, I attempted to smuggle two rolled rugs into the house. 
With a snap of the wrist I let them unroll to the floor like a theatrical little kids Christmas list.

Linda had to choose one of the two rugs as a present from Molly and I was the lucky recipient of the second.  Thank you - thank you - thank you Molly. 

La Crosse Rigid Heddle 010
Woven Huacaya Alpaca Rug
La Crosse Rigid Heddle 008
Linda with her granddaughter and woven alpaca rug .
With the pizza devoured, the rigid heddle party started shortly after and carried into the early evening, with homemade chili for dinner. 
Did I mention, all of these ladies are somewhat related.  Molly’s my best friend – Morgan is her gorgeous daughter – Linda is Molly’s crafty mom (she makes the most beautiful jewelry.)  And last but not least, Nichol is dating the brother/son/uncle. 
Say what?  Don’t ask, it is up north Smile with tongue out
Here we are…they work, I walk around and critique (I learned that from Jason.)

La Crosse Rigid Heddle 004
Morgan the speed weaver!
La Crosse Rigid Heddle 003
Linda working hark in the back and Nichol busy in the front

La Crosse Rigid Heddle 015
“old” Molly – Love you Molly

La Crosse Rigid Heddle 022
Morgan and me.

La Crosse Rigid Heddle 024
Morgan, Nichol “the rolling crusher”, Molly and Linda.
The next step is to try to get Nichol to help me organize a Roller Derby Girls Fulled Scarf Party.  Maybe a couple bottles of wine and we can get that party started!
So I’m back home and trying to figure out when we can get together again.  I had so much fun and hope everyone else had fun also.  Thanks guys!

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