Monday, December 5, 2011

Fiber Podcast I like…

I have typed and deleted enough words to fill a dozen posts, but never find a direction with my thoughts.  So I narrowed it to this little collection of thoughts.

I have toyed with doing a podcast review…then thought better of it. 

I don’t want to get caught up with bashing the podcast that I don’t like, because it might just be me. 

I may like or dislike the podcast strictly on the production quality, the voice quality and/or the fact that I don’t really care what your cat is doing at that moment.

What I will do - is list a few of my favorites and in alphabetical order they are with a small description:

  • CogKNITive Podcast - Welcome to my podcast about knitting, crocheting, and psychology, and how they intertwine in my busy life. I record as I drive, so car noise may be an issue. Segments include: What's on My Hook/Needles, a Life Strategy, Something I Really Like, and Blather.
  • KIPing It Real Podcast- Hi! I’m Jackie, and I’ll be your podcast host.
  • I’ve been a knitter since 2002 and spinner since October of 2008. Since then, spinning has been a constant compulsion for me. It’s really hurt my knitting time.  Because my wheel, Stella, holds my free time when I’m at home, the only real knitting I do is in public. Hence the podcast name: KIPing It Real.

    In the podcast, I’ll be talking about what I’m knitting and spinning, my adventures in “KIPing” and the interactions that result from it, the things that are constantly distracting me from crafting, and much more!

  • Knit Picks Podcast - Kelley Petkun, owner of Knit Picks, carries on a one-sided conversation as she ponders the joys, challenges and rewards of complete immersion in today's fiber community. Find camaraderie and understanding as Knit Picks employees confess to their own knitting triumphs and complete blunders. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, tune in weekly for the further adventures of the gang at Knit Picks and any other knitters we can round up.
  • SpinDoctor Podcast - SpinDoctor is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Sasha Torres that reviews products, services, events and information for those passionate about spinning their own yarn.  It focuses primarily on spinning equipment, fiber and books, but it also covers fiber festivals, fiber processing companies, and information sources for spinners like DVDs and blogs.
  • You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or another podcast aggregator using the links to the right of this post.  Or, you can listen to episodes of the show right from this page.  Each podcast post has an mp3 player embedded in it.  Just press “play” and enjoy!

  • The Savvy Girls Podcast - Coming to you from Bogota, Colombia; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; New York, New York, USA; and wherever else they may happen to be, sisters Melanie and Deborah take a playful and thoughtful look at knitting (among other things).
  • Episodes explore knitting in history, art, literature, travel, music, and – of course – everyday life.  New shows are released twice monthly.

  • Yarnspinners Tales - Exploring the world of fiber, one draft at a time.

And in a sub category of  “As long as they are still posted” because they don’t seem to be producing any new ones.  I love loved, this one.

  • The Weave Cast - WeaveCast is an internet-based talk radio show about handweaving. Each episode we interview weavers about their craft, share the latest news from the weaving world, and tell tales from the weaving life. You can stream directly from the site, download MP3s to your computer, or subscribe to the show's RSS feed using an application such as iTunes.

If you don’t already subscribe or haven’t heard of these podcast, I encourage you to check them out and let me know what you think.

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