Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cycle-cross Anyone?

 Without knowing, I just blundered into a pretty cool event here in Verona, WI.

There is a Cycle cross event happening in the off road bike area of the Verona Parks just behind the Public Library. 

While talking to some people that knew about the event, it appears there will be over 2000 riders participating over this week and the main event will be this weekend. 

What also makes this so cool is, the weather conditions. 

For those of you in Wisconsin, you know the weather is warmer than normal.  So...I would think - with my vast off road experience - that as the temperatures change, each lap could be a different lap. 

The course will be ever changing.  That should make it pretty interesting for all. 

So instead of a tweet on Twitter...I will bleep this on blogger :)

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  1. I just heard from Juanita Hofstrom that Kari will be at the JC weaving workshop, too. Look forward to seeing her, and I'm "assuming" you as well?

  2. That was news to me Mike...but it appears to be true. Look forward to seeing you also.