Thursday, January 19, 2012

“Heeeeeeeeere's Johnny!”…

Many of you have seen the post from contributing writer, Johnny Skein.  While Johnny has given his personal guarantee to continue offering  his services to us, he has launched a project of his own.

Johnny has launched his website

This site is under some major interior construction, but the shell is up and from my examination it is mostly water proof. 

The site will highlight and showcase Johnny’s designs from his perspective.

As you know Johnny’s passion has always been knitting outside the box with always attempting to reinvent the wheel.  The age old “There has to be a better way.”

But often there’s not... 

This hasn’t stopped the foolish pursuit of Johnny chasing that rainbow though.  Many of these methods have been developed and vetted by much smarter people than he. 

Johnny has learned a thing or two about what may or may not work and why.  So all is not lost…only the hours of creating the mistake.

Now wrapping this section up “Criminal Minds” style. James Joyce once said…Mistakes are the portals of discovery.

The second fun news is, Johnny’s photo shoot. 
No Johnny will not subject anyone with pictures of his mug, he has someone much more attractive in mind. 
As much as Johnny likes to do things himself, one lesson that he has learned is that, that is not always possible…or responsible.
At the end of January, Johnny has scheduled a photo shoot with a real life photographer.  Who will take real photos and they will look real good.  Not  Johnny’s subpar quality. 
New site…new expectations. 

Those of you that are “smarter than I give you credit for” realize that Johnny is my pseudonym.
It started as a little joke with a “friend” of mine, that had referred to what I was doing with - and I quote “…spinning?????” 
The word ever increasing in pitch as it escaped his mouth.  Dripping with question. 
He didn’t know anything about spinning, but knew enough about knitting and yarn to know that the little sausage of yarn was a skein. 
Johnny this…Johnny that…why not Johnny Skein?
Hence the birth of an icon. 


  1. Keep your posts coming....I really enjoy your sense of humor and look forward to seeing the photos from the "shoot".

  2. Johnny is amazingly talented! I recommend his products.