Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Runway - Knit Style

I feel as though I have been through the ringer.  In my crazed attempt to get "just one more item knitted" before the photo shoot, it drained me.

I started and quickly abandoned a number of different projects.  Nothing seemed to feel right. 

I needed an idea for a project that could use some limited yarn I have, and with a limited amount that I could possible get.

The yarn is a rather tightly spun Merino/Silk blend in a weaving weight of 2/ sort of a sport weight for knitters.

Since this can't last for the next couple of weeks, I needed to expedite this project along, with double stranded knitting and beef up the apparent weight.   

I have been wanting to do a Mobius project again, so figured there is no time like the present. 

Maybe not the smartest plan...

In the true fashion of knitters all over the world, I began my project without a gauge swatch. 

Definitely not the smartest plan.

Having no idea what I was doing, I cast on a number of stitches with the "this looks about right" method and started knitting away.

With nothing but knitting and thinking to do for the next...oh, couple of days, I began calculating what I was in for and came up with the following estimate:
  • 170 stitch cast on - it is a Mobius - so from stitch number 1 around to stitch number one we have a total of 340 stitches.  But fortunately this also equals 2 rows.  (One on each side of the cast on.)
  • about 6 hours into this ginormous gauge swatch, I finally got an idea as to how many rows were in an I need around 105 rows...multiplied this to the 170 stitches and with some Jethro Bodine deciphering, I came up with nearly 18,000 total stitches.  Plus ribbing.
The day, came and went.  As did the next.

Knitting every available moment and even staying up a couple of extra hours just to help out.

It's Friday now and I'm up before the crack of dawn.  Snap a couple of smelling salts, throw back a few iced coffees and I'm ready to go. 

It's noon now and I'm not feeling so quick anymore...and not very confident either.

Shortly after dinner I  finish the bind off and it appears to be an except-able size.  Big sigh!  I weave in the last of the ends and realize I still need to sew some buttons onto the new baby sweaters. 

Off to Delavan - did I mention I didn't have any buttons.

They had a great selection - if all I wanted to do was sew ladybug buttons onto some dress shirt cuffs.

One card of this, one card of that.

"Well that's what we have" was my in store advise.

Thank you very much!

Buttons on, check my email, and to bed I go.


The photo shoot was so much fun. There were so many good pictures and a few great pictures. It was difficult to narrow the photos down.  

The Mobius became a shawl in one photo and a scarf in the next, and the model made it look fantastic. 

At the very end of the shoot, I asked the her to change back into jeans. 

Part of this shrugs appeal is the versatility; it will easily complement a sleeveless dress, or dress up a pair of jeans.

I am so glad we did this.  I think she looked as spectacular in the jeans - if not more spectacular - than in the dress and I think these pictures became my favorite.

We slowly narrowed the pictures down until I really couldn't eliminate anymore.

Now I just need to be very patient for the call from the photographer, telling me the photos are ready.

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