Saturday, February 4, 2012

Changing Hats

For those of you that are not connected to me on really need to be!  I posted the photos that will be on and also some of them are being used as labels for packaging and such.

I put on my graphic design hat a few days ago and have been working away on publisher getting all of these labels either updated or created before the 20% off coupon expired.  What can I say... 

Have learned so much in the past few weeks and I am confident that next time it will be even more spectacular.  I really enjoyed this opportunity and can't wait to finish the - show prep - and change back into the knitter hat and get back to the drawing board with other ideas. 

Ever since the photo shoot, I have really - really, wanted to do a project with a model from the ground up.  Basically design the garment around my muse and accent all of the positives.

For homework I have been reading a little about this topic and I am lost.  So I will continue with my hit and miss method and see where it leads.   

So send me your positive thoughts and help me move forward. 

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