Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The more I learn, the less I know…

For those that follow my rants on facebook, you are probably already aware of some recent happenings with shows and shoots. 

Both have been so much fun and both have become very educational for me. 

I find that I haven’t recovered from the most recent event and I am already looking forward to and planning the next one.

The old saying that goes something like “…the more I learn, the less I know…” is very fitting for my adventures lately.

Plugging ahead with a little bit of Ignorance can often be beneficial.  If one knew how much work “X” was going to be, would you still go ahead.

My biggest challenge recently has been designing without the proper education.  The education comes from success and failure and only persistence keeps me moving forward. 

I attempt to limit what I see, because I don’t want to be unduly influenced by “your” genius. 

Recently I am trying to practice what I preach when I look forward in regards to design.  Challenge myself and knitting outside the box…

I expand my website because of this philosophy, I expand my knitting with this sort of philosophy, I expand my designs due to this philosophy and as a result, I expand my mind. 

Despite my overall objectives - being that of selling “myself” and selling my “designs” with a commercial/advertising photography. 

I feel compelled to attempt a marriage between “advertising” photography selling a product and “fashion or editorial” photography that attempts to sell the concept, mood or situation. 

Knitting for many becomes a lifestyle and I want the photos to invoke that feeling “…I can see myself wearing this.  This could be me.”  Because knitting is such a hands on endeavor you can’t help but become immersed into the wonderful lifestyle. 

Knitting is so much more than the yarn.


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