Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break?

A few weeks ago when I was looking forward - and into March - I thought that once I was done with the 2 shows in February things would smooth out a little and I would have some time to relax.

Why is it that I – YES I – can’t seem to let that happen?

While I had openly stated that I wanted to work on patterns and get some knitwear out there, the time really flies and I always try to push one more thing in there.

This time I am pushing multiple items into the queue and once again, finding myself slightly overwhelmed, yet excited.

I have been scheduling a get together with the model once a week.  And unlike Project Runway…I can’t just rip a seam out and rework part of the garment.

And as part of my construction, I don’t like seams and try to minimize them as much as possible.  This also reduces the opportunity for re-work that doesn’t require a complete rip out or a re-start from the yarn tail and frogging as I go.  hmm.

But that is a choice that I have made and feel pretty strongly about it.

What I do have “basically” done is the top.  I say basically because I still need to weave the ends in and wet finish/wash.  When I do this I am just hoping that the yarn doesn’t do anything crazy.

Some yarns grow – or bloom if you like what it creates and grow if it isn’t intended or has positive result.  While some yarns – like singles – have a tendency to relax – or sag as I have begun to call it.  It is seldom welcome and generally just irritates me. 

I have posted a sneak peak picture below and as critical as I am, I think I am happy with it.  Maybe even really happy.  We’ll see how the finishing goes.

As I had posted on facebook, a lady I have started knitting with used the description of “sexy” and I like that.  That was what I was going for.


Boho Top

boho top

As of now I am sort of secretive with the name of both the model and the top.  But I will release these as I can when I can.

So for my “Spring Break” I think I will knitting like crazy.  There might even be a video release titled “Needles Gone Wild” with some hard core knitting that may not be appropriate for the general public.


As part of my Needles Gone Wild, I took a little hike to the lake and knitted down on the lake front for an hour or so. 

Working on my March base tan Smile I sat on the shores of Lake Geneva and enjoyed the unseasonal weather. 

Johnny wouldn’t let me take his picture, but insisted on taking my picture. 

Mark at Lake knitting


Johnny is a real piece of work, isn’t he?

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