Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tomorrow is another day…

A recent post of mine was about the change of locations and the feelings that surrounded this change. 

I struggled with going to this coffee shop one last time this past week and said good-bye.

I had a date with the knitting group – cough – the group consist of one person right now.  But I had a commitment to meeting Anitra there and that was what I was going to do. 

I showed up at my usual time and worked on the computer for a while, waiting for my friend to show up.

All the while, I was uncomfortable and found myself again – not in my place of Zen…

In my heart, all I really wanted to do was walk out and never look back.

Fortunate for me, another friend – Susan – showed up and she was willing to sit with me. 

We talked for a while and I explained that this was to be my last day here and that I needed to talk with Anitra to break the news to her.

With Anitra now there and Susan saying to us “…I’ll see you here next week …I sort of wagged my head no.  All the while, Anitra looking on and me now forced to come clean with my news. 

Anitra and I walked out to the mobile studio and pretended to look at yarn while I talked and explained. 

I have been so blessed lately with a few people in my life that are not committed to the geography…but are committed to me.  I needed that at that moment.

We finished our knitting time and as I said good-bye to the location – I said take care to my old friend that will never be again.

I have moved on this past week and experimented with new locations and I think as of Friday I have found a new home.

A “guy knitting” can be a conversation started for some and I again met so many new and wonderful people yesterday at Caribou Coffee in Lake Geneva. 

I think I have found a new home, new friends and a new set of possibilities for my future.

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  1. Change doesn't come easy but it does bring new opportunities that you don't anticipate. Keep up the amazing work and they will come to you!